Enhanced handwriting recognition system

Instead of system-defined generic handwriting pattern, PenWise™ uses full-customizable personal handwriting pattern database and provides easy-to-use customizing tool, PenWise Trainer™.

Via personalization, PenWise™ offers:

  • Fast writing (fast input). Because of you can write characters with your usual handwriting style.
  • High recognition accuracy. Because of the database and input handwriting patterns are made by user’s own handwriting style, it provides more accurate recognition for each individual user.

PenWise features:

  • Provides Personal handwriting pattern database editor.(PenWise™ Trainer)
  • Support multi-stroke handwriting
  • Support multi-handwriting pattern registration for a character
  • Fast recognition speed
  • Includes virtual keyboard for special characters
  • Very small footprint

A powerful handwriting recognition tool for Pocket PCs.



PenWise 3.01